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Firmness A side Soft B side Medium

  • Imported natural bamboo fiber used in pillow top, more breathable, eliminates sweat and moisture, antibacterial. 
  • American comfort pillow top which makes the mattress more stylish, and feels soft and comfortable. 
  • Natural latex cushion imports from the South Asian. Increasing the flexibility and better body fitted, and keeping the mattress in constant air flow, so that the mattress become more breathable and make you feel more fresh.
  • Eco-friendly cotton stabilized layers and springs. 
  • Stainless steel chain spring system provides better spinal support. 
  • Soft border support prevents the dangers from hitting.


SizeInch (W x H X D)CM (W x H x D)
Twins 39 x 11 x 75 100 x 28 x 190
Full 54 x 11 x 75 137 x 28 x 190
Queen 60 x 11 x 80 152 x 28 x 200
King 76 x 11 x 80 193 x 28 x 200
Custom Size Please contact our representative for more information.

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