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Firmness Medium

  • Double independent pocket spring coil support prevents any sleep disturbance. 
  • Cosiflex Spring system absorbs the human pressure and external force more than 85% to create a night without interference. 
  • Natural latex supports the natural body curves, increases the support to the back and feels more comfortable. 
  • Double organic cotton fiber, more comfort and feels soft and firm to the body. 
  • Patented cotton layer is more breathable and healthier sleeping condition


SizeInch (W x H X D)CM (W x H x D)
Twins 39 x 9.5 x 75 100 x 24 x 190
Full 54 x 9.5 x 75 137 x 24 x 190
Queen 60 x 9.5 x 80 152 x 24 x 200
King 76 x 9.5 x 80 193 x 24 x 200
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